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A Party Time game for the Phans, by the Phans

The first ever game of its kind! Phood For Thought brings to life the lyrics, history, and humor that spans over 30 years of our favorite VT quartet. Whether or not you're on tour, this game will satisfy your deepest needs with its unique twist. Take a trip down memory lane and laugh uncontrollably with your best Phriends.

555 Cards

13 Power cards

90 Question cards

452 Answer cards

Retail Price $39.99
Game is rated
Ages 18+

Novelty Game | Collector's Item

How To Play

Phood For Thought is a party game in which players fill in the blank(s) of a sentence with the funniest or most outrageous word or phrase from their hand of cards. Players take turns reading out the sentence on a navy card from the pile, and the other players then play a white card from their hand to complete the sentence. The funniest card is awarded a trophy and the first person to reach 7 trophies wins the game!

What people say about us

This game made my ribs hurt! Now I'm seeing a chiropractor 2x a month
Colonel Forbin
Personal Trainer
Amazing layers of humor from inside and outside of the band, and makes for a perfect gift
Rail Rider
This is the game we didn't know we've been missing all along
Jonny Chimpo
Event Organizer
Finally a tangible way to enjoy the boys outside of going to a show or watching a live stream. This game fucks!
1.0 Phan
Wait for your head to explode when you see the totality of this piece of art
Some Guy
Call me Wallob

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Your questions

Who was this game built for?

Beautiful silly phans as yourself, we know you are going to love it!

What is the return policy?

All sales are final. Please contact us if you are experiencing any issues.

Is this game appropriate for kids under 18?

Absolutely not! Sorry kids..

Is Phood For Thought associated with the band?

Phood For Thought is a completely unassociated and independent project driven by phans in the community. The band has not endorsed, approved, or licensed anything with Phood For Thought.